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Mind Games

Where do I start? My goals that I have set out for the last couple years have been on my mind a lot lately. There has been some that I have achieved and then, I feel like, a lot more that I haven't even touched. Why haven't I touched them? I was so motivated to hit them when I set them. I recently decided to say "yes" to taking an Empowerment Class with Rachel Vogt from A Good Girls Guide (look her up on Facebook, you won't be disappointed). In this class she taught us about perception vs. reality, how our left brain works versus our right brain, and how all this affects 5 different areas in our life: financial, relationships, mental/physical well being, spirituality, and passion. And MAN, did this class make me see that everything in our life is just a big MIND GAME. At the beginning of a new relationship we all try so hard to impress the other person or pay attention to their wants and needs. When we are just starting a new career, we strive to suc

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